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02. Co-Occurring Disorders

Co-Occurring Disorders

Community Counseling Center offers treatment at a higher level of care for those who experience mental health challenges in conjunction with substance use. Typically, these individuals attend individual and group treatment multiple days per week.

In this program, depending on the severity of the client's mental health and substance-related needs, we offer 3- or 5-day programs that include both group and individual counseling sessions. These services focus around implementing comprehensive evidence-based treatment modalities that also provide education on mental health disorders, symptoms, and the progression of addiction. They also address medical compliance, the negative consequences of substance use on existing mental health disorders, and identifying emotional and physical triggers, while creating healthy coping skills and a relapse prevention plan.

All clients in this program must be engaged in psychiatric care. Referrals are available as needed.

Our SAPTA-certified services are designed to provide a continuum of care, including:

  • Early Intervention
  • Level 2 Intensive Outpatient (5-day)
  • Level 1 Outpatient (3-day)
  • Aftercare