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Round-Ups FAQ

Does signing up for Round-Ups mean that CCC has access to my bank account information?

No. Your sign-up is done through a secure third party (Harness) that uses Plaid to communicate with your bank. You will be provided with a donor account to make modifications or cancel your donation.

Does my donation show in my deductions or on my bank statement each time I make a purchase?

No. Your “spare change” that rounds up to the next dollar accumulates, and you are charged that accumulated sum on the last day of each month. You will receive a text message at the end of the month, informing you of your total monthly donation to CCC.

I successfully registered for Round-Ups, but my donations are not accumulating. Why am I not being charged?

Harness partners with Plaid to connect to a donor’s bank. Though Plaid has relationships with over 15,000 banks across the U.S., it is possible that Plaid and your bank have become disconnected, even if it is still listed. Unfortunately, Harness is not alerted when this occurs. If this is the case with your bank, but you would still like to support CCC, you may try to register a different card associated with another bank, and/or make a “classic” monthly gift for a comparable amount (e.g., $15-35).

The Round-Up registration screen gives an error message and isn’t letting me connect to my bank. What do I do?

Some banks require two-factor authentication and/or special permissions before allowing you to register for Round-Ups. While Harness cannot control which banks require this and/or troubleshoot each individual bank, they encourage you to reach out to your institution directly for support. (Citi is one such example)

Do I have to set a donation cap when I sign up for Round-Ups?

Yes. You may commit to as little as $10 and as much as $100/month. If you do not set a cap, Harness automatically sets it to $40/month. Only the amount accumulated from your rounded up purchases will be deducted, regardless of the cap you set (e.g., if you set your cap to $50 and only accumulate $35 from Round-Ups, only $35 will be deducted at the end of the month).

What is the benefit of doing Round-Ups for CCC?

Often, donations feel unappealing because it is difficult to commit to a single, large-dollar amount. With Round-Ups, the donations are simply taken by rounding up every purchase made to the next dollar and donating the change to CCC. This means that your donation is built cents at a time. Also, every donation made to CCC is tax-deductible! At the end of each month, you will receive a text informing you of your total donated. By setting a donation cap, you can also ensure that you do not donate beyond your means or wishes. Even if you set your cap at the minimum of $10, that’s still donating $120 in one year – and your both the agency AND your taxes will thank you! Finally, by signing up for Round-Ups, you will be supporting a great cause. CCC is celebrating its 31st year in existence this year, and we continue to provide compassionate, professional, and affordable mental health and substance use treatment to the community. Your contribution makes a huge difference in allowing us to continue to provide services that ultimately save lives!

If I want to support CCC, do I have to use Round-Ups?

Definitely not! If Round-Ups aren’t your thing, there are other giving options available through Harness (accessed via the “Donate” button on CCC’s website), including One-Time gifts and Monthly giving at amounts of your choosing.